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This blog has served me well and I have really enjoyed creating and maintaining it but the time has come to integrate my online life. I’ve published a new website with an integrated blog page. This gives me a one shot shop and only one url for all my photography.

If you have been kind enough to drop in here can I encourage you follow me over to my new site at  http://www.Francispeacockephotography.co.uk

I’m going to leave this site live for now but all new posts will be at the above site.

See you there.



This is the second in a personal series of photographs I am taking of wine bottles. I’m not interested in getting the perfect product photograph here – there is a time and a place for that for commercial reasons. In these photographs I am aiming for an emotive response to the wine. This bottle makes me think of bright summer days on a terrace in the South of France, so even though I am currently sitting in a cold and grey Northern Ireland I can dream! I even like the reflection on the label even though it slightly obscures the name. By the way this wine comes from the excellent Domaine de Sainte Rose in the South of France.

White with reflections

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A rather excellent wine from the south of France. It seemed a shame not to remember the quality so a photograph was the only way to go.

Commercial wine photography

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This week I was looking for some photographs to illustrate an article  and while flicking through my files I came across a photograph I took some time ago. This was taken in a bar in Dublin where the light was quite low even though it was lunch time. We had ordered our food and were looking round when I thought “there’s a possible photograph”. So low light, 100 asa film, no real support. What’s a guy to do but put the camera on the bar, put my head on the bar sideways to see through the viewfinder, line up the shot and …….at this point my family really want to disown me. Subsequently I scanned the negative into the computer and there it has rested ever since, until this past weekend.

The article I was working on is a very nice new venture called Addicted Creatives and can be seen here. http://www.addictivecreatives.com/addicted-creative-francis-peacocke/

Do have a look and I would really like some feedback if you can find the time.

Now about that photograph. Here it is. It’s not perfect but I like it for its atmosphere and possibly for the silly story behind it. It’s not always the most perfect photograph we remember the best.

Dublin bar photograph

I suppose it’s inevitable that January is a time for looking both ways.

I spent the dog days after Christmas clearing out files and making sure I’d backed up all files to various drives.

Of course I got distracted – I always do! But I took time out to think of the work I had done and the photographs with which I was most pleased.

Below is a random selection that covers wedding photography, commercial photography, portrait photography, my on going love of

Landscape photography and Travel Photography.

Now I am in the middle of planning how I can attract work covering the areas I want to concentrate on in 2011.

That’s where the navel gazing and hard work really lies.

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Can’t resist it. Sure the snow causes problems but the opportunity to do some landscape photography in familiar surroundings that look totally different from the rest of the year is irresistible. Most of this week I was editing photographs to be delivered to clients so a healthy couple of hours break was very therapeutic.  To follow,  a random selection of photographs but there is a definite theme of trees lurking in there.

Brush ?

Tree and fence

Out of use I think

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It does sound like a very bad idea and it probably is. The photographs below are of my local golf course. I set out this morning to take photographs of the winter conditions and got distracted by the landscape of the golf course. It helped that I had photographed a tournament there earlier this year. What I didn’t think of was the depth of the snow in some areas – oh yes, I was up to my knees in the lovely white stuff in some places.

The shots below are a slightly quirky view of a winter golf course. I did take lots of winter photographs, of which I have added a couple in here,  but they will come in a later blog. Some people say that having text in a photograph ruins a photograph but I think in this case they tell the story. For now on with the pictorial story of a golf course in the snow.

Course closed - Really!

10th Hole

Frozen fairway

Next tee sign



Find the ball

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